Auntie Sal’s Emporium Opening Soon!

by Sally Stevens on Aug 18, 2022

Auntie Sal’s Emporium Opening Soon! - Auntie Sal's Emporium

A new store is coming to Joplin and is set to open on December 12. Auntie Sal’s Emporium is, according to part-owner, Marissa Bonilla, “An eclectic catch-all with hair involved.” 

Browsing through the pathways of Auntie Sal’s Emporium, you will find exactly that. An eclectic catch all of posters, crystals, jewelry, artwork, clothing and accessories, all with different themes like magic, marijuana, feminism, LGBTQ+, Pride, authenticity, etc. There is quite literally, something for everyone within the doors of Auntie Sal’s. 

The hand-painted graffiti wall makes for a good backdrop for the mish-mash of items and artwork around the store, leading you from one stand to the next. Every little space in the shop is covered and exciting. Even though the shop is small, it could take you hours to look at everything.

Partners together in the business, Sally Stevens, Ka’Cheri Shellenbargar and Marissa Bonilla travel all around to find jewelry, pieces and artwork to bring back to the community of Joplin. “All of our trips have been fun. I love going to Arkansas,” Sally said. Ka’Cheri agrees, saying that “The trips to Arkansas are my favorite, I love just being able to go out there and look for crystals.” Crystals they bring back to the shop for everyone to enjoy. 

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