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Our Mission

Auntie Sal’s mission is to empower individuals in the Four States and beyond by providing goods, services, and resources that make individuals look good on the outside while enhancing their inner lives, as we pour positivity into our community through advocacy and work with local nonprofits.


Auntie Sal’s is a state-of-the-art salon and boutique.

We cater to clients’ fashion needs and provide the resources to help each person feel more confident in themselves and stylishly furnish their homes in the process.
Following in the footsteps of socially conscious businesses such as Toms and Project Q Salon, we offer a haircut to a person in need for each one purchased. We will provide workshops and programs such as education on LGBTQ history, mentorships and provide scholarships to assist with mental health care.
Eventually, we will expand to include a nonprofit community center and shelter and an expanded coalition of organizations that will assist us in providing resources to individuals in need.
Our products are a curated selection of upcycled vintage goods, one-of-a-kind art pieces, books, tarot, crystals, and other goods made by local artisans.

Treat Yo Self

Taking PRIDE in Joplin

“In high school I always thought I had to change for people and thought the way I was couldn’t be “accepted” because it wasn’t “common”. I didn’t speak up about the way I truly felt and had no one to talk to. I wanted to let people know the true person that I am. I wanted to embrace myself but who would I turn to? I’m telling you that Auntie Sal’s is your place to turn to when you believe there is no one else. Whether you are still confused and feel stuck or you’re hiding in the dark, you are VALID. You are ACCEPTED. You are WORTHY of love and happiness. This is your safe space that you’ve been looking for.”