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Our Story

Auntie Sal's is the dreamchild of Sally Stevens. She opened the brick and mortar location as a safe space for her to process the unexpected losses of three of her loved ones.

Sally spent over 25 years living in Boston, New Orleans and New York with the last 18 of those years being in New York City. She loved the energies of the small boutiques she found in those cities and wanted to bring some of those same energies to her corner of the world.

After being open for one year she realized that being able to set up pop up shops within different communities allowed her to spread positivity to more people. These days you will find her and an assortment of pals bring art, jewelry, and smiles to small and large communities from Chicago to Las Vegas with lots of stops in between.

Auntie Sal’s mission is to empower individuals in the Four States and beyond by providing goods, services, and resources that make individuals look good on the outside while enhancing their inner lives, as we pour positivity into our community through advocacy and work with local nonprofits.

We're here for you - ALWAYS

“In high school I always thought I had to change for people and thought the way I was couldn’t be “accepted” because it wasn’t “common”. I didn’t speak up about the way I truly felt and had no one to talk to. I wanted to let people know the true person that I am. I wanted to embrace myself but who would I turn to?

I’m telling you that Auntie Sal’s is your place to turn to when you believe there is no one else. Whether you are still confused and feel stuck or you’re hiding in the dark, you are VALID. You are ACCEPTED. You are WORTHY of love and happiness. This is your safe space that you’ve been looking for.”

- Daylnn